“My life has improved greatly since I’ve been seeing Diana. I’m learning to let go of the anger and frustration and to enjoy being more open to other people and to life. It’s wonderful to look forward to the future!”

—Adrianne Martin, Portland, Oregon

“Diana Byrnes is professional, respectful generous and kind. I feel one way before I speak with her and an all-together different and better way after I speak with her. To my mind Diana is an elixir for the soul.” 

—Wendy, New York, NY

“Diana’s readings offer me great clarity and are delivered with compassion, humor, and love. Working with her has made a profound difference in my life.”

—Mary Suzanne Garvey, LMT, Portland, OR

“I have been a client of Diana’s for over 30 years. I have a chronic health condition that poses many challenges. Diana is able to help me understand where I’m at in the moment, and offer guidance to reach parts of myself that have been previously unknown. She’s been one of the most influential people in my adult life.” 

—Betsy, Portland, Oregon

“Gifted in many healing arts, Diana uses a unique combination of channeling, sound toning, body work, and shamanic journeying to create a profoundly healing synergistic magic. Diana helps us clear blocks and heal wounds that prevent us from embracing our true divine essence. She guides us into alignment with our heart’s calling and soul’s purpose so that we may live a vibrantly full, empowered, and joyful life.” 

—Katherine, Oregon

“Since working with Diana, my levels of self-esteem, self-trust, self-love and my belief in myself have all grown significantly. I am more and more aware of how supported I am spiritually. Working with Diana has been very valuable and very empowering for me on many levels.”

—Karen O’Brien, New York

“I have been working with Diana since 1999 as a consultant for business matters as well as guidance in my personal growth. I feel safe with Diana because of her completely nonjudgmental, loving approach. Her assistance to connect and translate the wisdom of our higher selves has been invaluable to me. Her mentorship has aided me to be the transformed person I am today.” 

—Joanne Meister, Salem, Oregon

“Since coming to see Diana, I have felt really spacious in my own skin. It is really refreshing! I’ve also felt easier than I ever have about leaving my last relationship.”  

—Karen, Portland, OR

“Diana’s friendly style combined with the insightful guidance of her readings have been a considerable support in my life over the years.” 

—Gemma Lilah, Hawaii