diana byrnes

Diana Byrnes is an intuitive counselor from Portland, Oregon who helps people to strengthen their own ability to know what’s right for them. Her process teaches people how to be connected to their own personal guidance system and begin choosing what serves them best.

Diana has been assisting people with their own soul evolution for more than twenty-five years using the energy system that she developed over this time. She has helped many people embrace change and move through transitions.



Consultations, Satsangs and Meditations. 
Every session is completely confidential. After you share what you hope to gain through our time together, I’ll close my eyes to get a clear picture of your key issues. From there, all you have to do is relax and listen to the channeled information, knowing that you’re being taken care of. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is channeling?
Channeling is a way of receiving information from Spirit for the purpose of conveying guidance. The channeler must be a clear vessel and must not interfere with the information given. The channeler can either hear the information (clairaudient), see images given (clairvoyant) and/or feel with intuition.

Praise for Diana Byrnes

“Gifted in many healing arts, Diana uses a unique combination of channeling, sound toning, body work, and shamanic journeying to create a profoundly healing synergistic magic. Diana helps us clear blocks and heal wounds that prevent us from embracing our true divine essence. She guides us into alignment with our heart’s calling and soul’s purpose...” 



“My life has improved greatly since I’ve been seeing Diana. I’m learning to let go of the anger and frustration and to enjoy being more open to other people and to life. It’s wonderful to look forward to the future!”

—Adrianne Martin, Portland, Oregon