One-on-one Consultations

Finding Your Own Personal Guidance System

These sessions are over the phone or in person and generally include a channeled consultation and energy work. Phone sessions start at 30 minutes while in-person sessions are always 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Every session is completely confidential. After you share what you hope to gain through our time together, I’ll close my eyes to get a clear picture of your key issues. From there, all you have to do is relax and listen to the channeled information, knowing that you’re being taken care of. The information that comes through can address unresolved current issues from this lifetime, as well as past or future lifetimes. In these sessions, Diana will answer questions, offer support, guidance, and coaching to help you be your own best guide. If you like, Diana will record the session for you so you can review in your free time.

Following most channeling as part of your one-on-one consultation, Diana will then work with you using her own energy system that she has developed over 25+ years of study and practice. She sees and interprets energy patterns and can transform energy via the phone or in-person. When in-person, these sessions take place on a massage table, fully clothed, for gentle hands-on treatment. Diana engages a vibrational system of healing that works within the chakra system, energy body and on a cellular level to release and dissolve limiting patterns or behaviors from this and other life times. In this way, she will assist you in reconnecting to your true self.

Q: How should I prepare for my session?
A: No preparation is necessary, but people have found that having an intention or specific questions is helpful in getting the most out of your session. If possible, plan some quiet time for yourself afterward.

Group Satsangs or Meditations

Come together with a small group of like-minded people to relax and receive. Each meeting will have a focus, a short teaching, a silent meditation, and then a question and answer session. These gatherings will help you to trust your intuition, develop connection with your own guidance, and be with other like-minded people. Sign up for information via email on upcoming sessions and regular groups.

For a more personalized experience, gather a small group of friends at your home on a particular topic. Diana will customize a meditation session specifically for your needs and answer your questions. Think of it as a modern-day Tupperware party or book club! Priced affordably according to group size.



Payment can be made by check or through PayPal links and buttons below. Arrangements for payment are made at time of service or by prepaying ahead.

In-person or Phone Session
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30 minutes: $75 (phone only)
45 minutes: $110
60 minutes: $150

Package of three 60-minute sessions: $400 (save $50), offered to encourage you to really bring about change in your life.

Follow up sessions via phone or internet are $40.00 for 15 minutes for existing clients.

Gift Certificates Available: